Hello all!

I am so new to Ubuntu that I need everything explained to me in very easy laymen terms. However, I have figured out "The Terminal". I'm so proud of myself. I have been an avid windows user since elementry school with 3.1. Anyone remember that!? ...hehe... Well, anyways, I have an acer laptop that had Vista on it and it was so messed up, and I had no reinstallation disk, that I figured that I would FINALLY give linux a try. Well, much to my surprise, linux is now Ubuntu, or at least that's what I'm understanding it to be. I am a fast learner. Matter of fact, I am a self taught computer repair tech, on the side, so I do know a thing or two. But, now I feel like I'm starting all over again, learning a new operating system. So, anyways, I'm so trying to figure out how to install the new firefox on my current Ubuntu. I'm currently running Firefox 16. But everything I'm reading is so Greek to me, I'm getting lost. So, will someone please tell me, in laymen's terms, or in very detailed instructions, how to install firefox 19?

Thanks so very much!