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Thread: Installed ubuntu-desktop - how to remove?

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    Installed ubuntu-desktop - how to remove?

    Yep, I just installed ubuntu-desktop on my lubuntu-box...

    Never mind why I did that, what I'd like to know, is how to remove it with the least amount of pain.

    Steps I've done so far (probably to make fixing it harder, hehe)

    sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop
    which only removed a ~50kb package. I then thought I'd auto-clean, to get rid of all the packages that came with ubuntu-desktop

    sudo apt-get auto-clean
    which seemed to remove a mix of lubuntu-installed packages, and new packages from ubuntu-desktop.

    Without any backup - is it possible to remove all new packages installed by ubuntu-desktop, and keep the old packages that both OS'es use?
    I'm thinking, get a list of those packages, and just

    sudo apt-get remove [ALL THOSE PACKAGES]
    or something...

    Please help me with this one!

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