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Thread: 10.04.4 LTS upgrade to latest LTS - No network after reboot

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    10.04.4 LTS upgrade to latest LTS - No network after reboot

    Yet Another Problem.

    I did a fair amount of googling before attempting this, but I have just run across an issue that I hadn't found.
    The network configuration isn't carried across the upgrade - I had two interfaces bonded to a single address.
    Didn't see any mentions anywhere of this being an issue, but after the first reboot, I have no network connectivity.

    The configuraiton for the interface(s) are still there, so my guess is that either the NIC drivers are now not present or the ifenslace package didn't get upgraded.

    Anyone else run across network failure after an LTS upgrade?

    The networking configuration is so screwed up changing the interface file back to dhcp for the first interface and rebooting won't bring up networking.
    Anyone have any tips on how to recover from this fiasco short of a fresh install?
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