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Thread: Pros & Cons of using Linux Partitions in Windows

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    Question Pros & Cons of using Linux Partitions in Windows

    Hi All,

    I'm gonna buy a laptop soon. So, I'm thinking about partitioning. I've been using Ubuntu for more than 2yrs. I hope to use it along with Windows. So, I will have to allocate partitions for both Windows & Linux systems. Besides that, regarding my personal data such as docs, projects, photos, & software installers etc., I will create another partition. Although at first, I had planned to create that partition as a NTFS, later I got another idea. That's what regarding which I want to know any ideas, advices from you guys. What if I create that data partition as a Linux (ext4) & mount & unmount it in Windows using a tool like "Ext2Fsd"?. What I was thinking was, since I can unmount that partition when I don't need it, if my computer got infected, that partition will be intact. Actually, I just assumed that an unmounted partition won't be affected by viruses, malware, etc. Not that I know that fact for sure. So, I want to know facts regarding security, safety & performance regarding using partitions like that.

    Thank You

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    Re: Pros & Cons of using Linux Partitions in Windows

    I would advise you to test your theory -- that Windows can read some data on an ext4 partition. If it works, then that's definitely the way to go.
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