So, they were introducing linux on steam recently and i wanted to give it a go. (wasn't really planning to keep it) i messed around with it for a little while
and then just left it on my computer. Since then i was getting all kinds off errors (Catalyst center has crashed, windows power server crashed blue screens etc.) And i was almost certain I was getting this problems from Ubuntu..

I decided to try something i found on the internet deleting the linux partions in Computer management (only deleted one tough).

I started my computer up without my windows cd at first and got at a GRUB rescue screen(?) i couldn't do anything with that so i booted ot up from my windows cd. And when i tried to repair it from there it just said this windows cd is outdated for this version of windows, go get one that is compataible (Well not really like that but you get the point!) after that i tried to just reinstall windows but it said it couldn't install on any of my disks

And that's were i am now please someone help!

PC specs: Intel core i5-2500
Radeon HD 7700
8 gb ram