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Thread: Grub rescue>?

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    Grub rescue>?

    Hi everyone,

    I recently got a new SDD and installed 12.10 on it. However, I had an older HDD with 12.10 on it as well, and some backed up files. When I boot with the HDD connected, I get a message displayed on my screen saying;

    error: no such device: 28bb4adb-c201-4129-80a7-353d3a6a1da3.
    grub resuce>

    When I don't have the HDD connected I boot fine. I would like to use this drive as storage for media.

    Have I made a big mistake by having the OS on two drives? Can I format the HDD (I have backed up all files I want on it), and then just use it as normal?

    Thanks in advance
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