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Thread: Top alternatives to Dreamweaver

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    Top alternatives to Dreamweaver

    What are top alternatives to Dreamweaver on Ubuntu? I don't mind if its not free either.
    I did a little research and came up with Aptana, Bluefish, and KompoZer. Any suggestions on which is best?

    I do most of the codings myself (don't use the code generating tools that dreamweaver has) but I'd like an editor that auto-completes (as dreamweaver does) and finds error.

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    Re: Top alternatives to Dreamweaver

    My personal preference is for Bluefish. I backtracked to version 2.2.3 though as newer version seg faulted on my system...
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    Re: Top alternatives to Dreamweaver

    Kompozer is a dead project, which is kinda ironic considering it grew out of the dead Nvu project, which grew from Mozilla Seamonkey's HTML editor, which grew from Netscape Communicator's HTML editor. There's a new project that's grown out of the dead Kompozer, but I can't remember what it's called now.

    You probably don't want Kompozer or anything like it; it really just has a focus on WYSIWYG instead of HTML editing.
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