Hi all,

I am using Lenovo ThinkPad Edge430 with Ubuntu 12.10 & Windows 7 and have Tata Photon+ (Huawei EC156 modem) for internet purpose.

My laptop has 3+1 USB ports, 3 normal speed and one high speed USB port. When I connect my dongle on Windows, no matter in which USB port i plug in, it gets detected and works seamlessly perfect. But in ubuntu, it is not getting detected and/or diplayed as an option by the Network Manager on any of the 3 normal USB ports but gets detected instantly on the 4th high speed port.

I came across this page https://lesswatts.org/projects/devic...gement/usb.php and tried lsusb command after connecting my dongle with one of the 3 normal speed USB ports.
WIth reference to the attached image, it is visible that laptop is detecting the dongle but Network Manager is not displaying any option to connect to the internet.

I would be really thankful if this problem gets solved.

Thanks in advance.

Chirag Goel

Screenshot from 2013-02-27 20:29:38.jpg