the Contiki mailing list is down and I was hoping there was somebody here that I could ask for help with regards to their confusing network/communication stack:

I note that in contiki-z1-main.c , set_rime_addr() is used to help set the ipv6 address of the sensor mote. But the rime stack is not used as is indicated by NETSTACK_CONF_NETWORK = sicslopan in contiki_conf.h. Is this correct? Rime is only used here to set the IP address?

I also note that in contiki-z1-main.c, when WITH_UIP6 =1 (i.e. we are using the IPv6 version of uIP), X-MAC is the MAC layer that is set up, however in contiki_conf.h it says NETSTACK_CONF_MAC = csma_driver, is this X-MAC?

Also the Radio duty cycling (RDC) is set to contiki_mac driver... I can't quite figure out where this fits in with X-MAC, or is X-MAC the superset of csma_driver & contiki_mac?

Contiki really needs a clear taxonomy to be defined for it operating/network stacks.

Your help us greatly appreciated.