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Thread: Wireless network adapter driver problem

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    Question Wireless network adapter driver problem

    I installed ubuntu 12.10 32-bit in my lenovo z370 i3 (2gb ram). Everything is working fine, I can connect to wifi and ethernet. The problem for me is, when I tried to use the aircrack. I installed the package, and then run the command "sudo airmon-ng". I get only "eth1" listed, and nothing else, while I was supposed to get "wlan0" or something like that. I searched in the internet, and get a little idea about driver or compatibility problem. But, I did not get the real solution for me. I am new to linux, so I only know few commands, while I know a little bit of programming. Please help me to resolve this problem. And, by the way, I was using aircrack for the education purpose only, I already have my own internet connection, so I don't need to hack into others.
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