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Thread: Asus X202E & Ubuntu

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    Asus X202E & Ubuntu

    Hi guys I'm new here.

    A while back a friend of mine was showing me the sheer awesomeness of Kubuntu on his mac book pro I decided to make the switch from a windows user to Ubuntu.

    I'm planning to get a Asus X202E from Bestbuy and loading it with the more efficient Kubuntu OS ( I'm in dire need of a new notebook).

    I read some of your guides on UEFI (which i have a vague understanding about) and did some searches on your forum on Ubuntu and this particular model, but since i'm not very tech oriented i want to ask a couple questions, especially on the topic of installing Ubuntu.

    1. If i install Ubuntu will certain functions disappear in this laptop, for example the touch screen function?
    2. Will ubuntu be able to run microsoft office or are there alternatives (sorry for this general question, I intend to make this a work computer)
    3. What is the difference between Mint & kubuntu or ubuntu? It's seriously confusing me (sorry for this general question as well)
    4 (the most important question for me) from most of the stuff I've found so far about installing ubuntu on this particular model, is it possible to not dual boot windows 8 and ubuntu, but instead just use only ubuntu? I personally don't quite care for windows so I don't want it.
    5. Do I have to reinstall drivers for the hardware after installing ubuntu?
    6.Have people encountered a lot of problems in general with attempting Ubuntu on this particular model by Asus (like i said i used the search function and all the threads were made by the same guy, I've read through his stuff, but it's pretty difficult to understand as my knowledge for installing OSes aside from windows is very limited) Is there a "Dummy's Guide" to installing this? I keep reading about booting from a USB and I don't want to do that, I want to boot and run Ubuntu from the Hard Drive of this laptop.

    Sorry if this post has a lot of stupid questions and stuff but i just want to get my facts straight before i buy that laptop (which i most likely think i will) and install Ubuntu. I don't have a lot of time in general to research this topic as I have a lot of work and classes so also figured to ask if i screwed up in anyway i guess the Moderator is free to move this thread or delete it...

    Thanks for reading guys.

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    Re: Asus X202E & Ubuntu

    I Have Asus X201EP , is an X202E version without touch screen and bluetooth 4.0.

    1. About touchscreen, i don't know, but other functions is still functions like in windows os.
    Here some info and

    2. Yes, you can install miscrosoft office but you need Crossfire or Wine to install it, but if you want alternative, you can try Open Office or Libre Office.

    3. About Mint, is Distro based Ubuntu, for more info, you can read in here
    Kubuntu is based on Ubuntu with KDE Desktop, and Ubuntu is based Unity Desktop
    I'am using Kubuntu, but with Kubuntu (KDE Desktop) some Functions Key not working, like Enable/Disable WiFi and Enable/Disable Touchpad

    4. It's posible, first time i buy this Laptop, i only use Ubuntu 12.04 then now i use Kubuntu 12.10 with Windows 8 Trial (I just want to check is this laptop have bluetooth or not, because in asus website it have, but after install windows 8 i know it doesn't have Bluetooth 4.0 .... i'am really sad... )

    5. No need, Ubuntu provide all the driver , so just install it, and all the driver will be automaticly installed.

    6. The installation cd of Ubuntu have Live function to try it, and then install it.
    Just try it, you will be happy, in Live seasion from USB, all the functions in my Asus X201EP is Automaticly detected and i'am very happy to know it.
    You can install it from there, just clik the install icon from the desktop.
    More info for install Ubuntu/Kubuntu , you can go here :
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    Re: Asus X202E & Ubuntu

    Beware, I think the Best Buy version might actually be the Q200e, which has a slower processor.

    I have the X202E and the touchscreen works GREAT with ubuntu. I'm very pleased with it.

    I removed the hard drive soon after getting it and replaced it with an SSD to make things even faster. Highly recommended. Made a bootable USB stick (follow the instructions on and installed it from there, no problems whatsoever.

    Don't bother with windows 8, I hated it. But one bonus is that the original drive w/factory installed OS is sitting on my shelf untouched in case I ever need to fall back on it.

    Libre Office is a fine MS Office replacement.

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    Re: Asus X202E & Ubuntu

    Most likely a bit late in the game on this one but I have the Asus q200e, its the same as the X202 and it has the touch screen. I am running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on a 120 gig SSD and it works flawlessly and yes the touch screen works too the only glitch i have encountered is the built in mic cuts out if the level is set too high so i went to sound settings and set the optimal level and disabled the auto level option in skype and its all good! The UEFI functions can be turned off in the bios if necessary.. Battery life runs about 4 to 5 hours!


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