Hi there. Forgive me if this seem like a silly question but here we go.

I am attempting to make a streaming DLNA server that feeds off a external drive (via Lubuntu OS), transcodes the stream and plays on a PS3.

I have attempted to use PS3 media server and it, well, is making me want to beat my skull in with a meat mallet. I have since moved on to LXIMediaCenter.

It was all going hunky dory until I found of that the program needs a backend profile that runs as a user. No problem.

Issue is I need to have permission set on /media/user/"External" to be read by all users etc.

I have tried both setting via Gui and command line (chmod 777 etc) no love. It "accepts" the change but never actually changes, *insert meat mallet into hand*

Running 12.10 Lubuntu on a Mac Mini.
External connected via usb 2.0.

Anyway to do this?

Also, if anyone knows a forced transcoding DLNA server (not Ps3 media server, servio or mediatomb) that would work let me know.

Thanks as always