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Thread: Type command every time?

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    Type command every time?

    I installed Ubuntu 12.10 and suddenly the internet has no answers.

    Trying to run Arduino 1.0.3, apparently it's a shell script. I can run it from terminal with sudo, but not double clicking the script in my home folder, which seems to be what everyone else is able to do. I just want a shortcut!! I keep switching between Gnome and Gnome classic but neither is working for me. Also, why can't I make a launcher or a shortcut in Gnome 3? This whole Ubuntu 12.10 is sealed up tighter than a frog's anus.

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    Re: Type command every time?

    In classic it is possible to create a launcher using the main menu and then drag it to the desktop. In the shell you can add the launcher to favorites on the left side.
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    Re: Type command every time?

    You might have to add executable privilege to the script:

    sudo chmod +x arduino.script
    I have 1.03 installed on another laptop, but I'm too lazy to boot it and find out.

    You could run the script with gksudo arduino.script put inside a launcher icon. I don't think you need sudo to program an arduino, but it's been a few weeks since I last hacked on mine.
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