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Thread: Auto Save

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    Cool Auto Save

    I've noticed the new Auto-Saved function. Great! thanks ye Forum Gods for adding it.

    Now, how does it work? if I'm writing a post and some catastrophic unforeseen BSOD occurs (ha ha, I'm not using windows) or more likely someone trips over the power cord, from where do I get my text back?

    Thanks for any help--
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    Re: Auto Save

    I just tried this in a thread in the staff forum, what I did is start typing a post, until the auto-save notification popped up, then closed the page. I got a notification asking me if I wanted to leave the page, and I clicked yes. I then went back to the same thread, scrolled down to the quick reply box, and there was a notification button on the lower border of the Quick Reply box. See the screenshot
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