Apologies for the inevitable redundancies of triple boot questions, but I felt my problem is specific enough that I haven't already found it covered in such terms. If anyone knows of a thread in which this specific problem is already covered, please point me to it without acting like an a-hole. Thanks.

MacBook Pro 7,1 (Triple Boot via rEFIt -- OS X Lion / Ubuntu 12.04 / Windows 8)
HDD -- Seagate Momentus 1TB (new)
Hitachi 5K500 B-320 (old)

I had this triple-boot setup already configured on my old hard drive, but I just upgraded my laptop to a 1TB drive and so I'm currently re-installing (fresh installs) and then restoring my systems from backup. I re-installed/restored OS X fine (including a partition for Lion recovery, hfs+), then used the Ubuntu 12.04 livecd to make partitions for Ubuntu (ext4, plus Grub and Swap). I reinstalled/restored Ubuntu fine. Then I used gparted to create two more NTFS partitions: an 85GB for a Windows install, and a 100GB for a general sandbox to be shared between systems.

When I boot to the Windows 8 install cd, it does not recognize the separate NTFS partitions I made and lumps them together with the Linux and Linux Swap partitions as one big "Unallocated Space."

I realize now that I probably should've installed Windows first, then Ubuntu. But I didn't. And I'd rather not have to go back and reformat everything this way and have to restore/reconfigure my Linux system again. I'd probably rather just ditch Windows if it came down to this, as I'm installing it "just in case," anyway.

1) Is there a way to configure my Windows NTFS partition in Linux (or Mac) to be recognized by the Windows install cd?


2) Is there a way to, perhaps, install Windows through Linux (or Mac), as in using the terminal to copy files from the mounted Windows 8 install disc to the Windows partition? (huh?)


3) I still have the old drive, which I could mount via a SATA/USB cable, boot into the Ubuntu livecd, then dd the former Windows partition from my old drive to the proposed partition on my new drive. However, this is the method I originally intended to use to upgrade to the new 1TB drive but had all kinds of problems with the MBR (hence the fresh installs). Would dd'ing my old partition to my new one mess up my MBR?

I'm thinking #3 might be the best solution, just wanted to get some feedback first. Are there any better suggestions?

Thanks again.