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Thread: Cannot Boot Lubuntu on Zenbook UX32A

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    Cannot Boot Lubuntu on Zenbook UX32A

    Hello Friends,

    I installed Lubuntu on a new UX32A Zenbook. Everything went successful but when I reboot it goes straight to the BIOS.

    When I look in the BIOS it appears that I deleted any entries from the UEFI boot options. This was from a prior attempt to install arch linux.

    Does what to add to the boot options to get lubuntu installed?

    My UEFI system partition was on /dev/sda1 and my Lubuntu installed to /dev/sda6

    The laptop came pre-loaded with Windows 7. I cannot boot into that either.

    My bios version is UX32A.206

    I am writing this on that laptop, running the Lubuntu Precise x86_64 live disk.
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    Re: Cannot Boot Lubuntu on Zenbook UX32A

    I solved it.

    The UEFI System partition was labeled bios-grub rather than boot. That is why when I ran boot-repair it would not correct the problem.

    I used gparted and reformatted /dev/sda1 to have the boot flag. Then ran boot-repair again.

    Now I am running ubuntu from the machine install.


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