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Thread: Other application using package manager (constantly)

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    Other application using package manager (constantly)


    I'm running Kubuntu 12.10. I constantly get the error message (Muon Package Manager) that another application is using the packagesystem. When I run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' the message goes away for a while, but the next day it's back.

    Is there a better solution than the above command to see if there's a different problem that's causing these conflicts?

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    Re: Other application using package manager (constantly)

    Normally when you get that you have an apt-get open in terminal or synaptic open. If you close the other one it will work for you.
    If that don't work for you!

    sudo apt-get install -f
    sudo dpkg --configure -a

    sudo apt-get purge muon
    sudo apt-get install muon

    This will clear the apt lists and will fix your problem!

    sudo rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*
    sudo apt-get update
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    Re: Other application using package manager (constantly)

    Post the output of:
    ps ax | grep apt


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