After Trying it so many times i have come here.
I have windows 8 on my laptop. I installed ubuntu 13.04 along side windows 8. But when I opened, windows 8, one of the local drives was not there.
Then I uninstalled both of them. Again I installed windows 8 and then ubuntu 13.04. But Again the same problems.

And one more problem is that I can install any software on Ubuntu 13.04. It Just gives a simple error and terminate.
On windows 8 there is no matter.

Still one more problem. That is I do not have DSL connection, I use EVDO wireless Internet USB. When USB is inserted into computer. There is a software in that internet USB, that you install to use internet on that USB. Now when I am on windows 8 and plug in the Internet USB, if software is not installed it tell me to install software. and by just clicking the .exe of that USB, it is installed and I can use Internet from USB. But on Ubuntu I don't know that whether USB is pluged or not. And it does not appear in the launcher too.

Any suggestions on how to fix these problems???