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Thread: ubunto 12.10 vs ubunto studio 12.10

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    ubunto 12.10 vs ubunto studio 12.10

    I'm new to ubuntu but loving every second of it so far. Question: I am into the arts, video,music etc. and i see there is a "studio" version of ubunto. I've looked at and found that the programs on Studio i can also get in just the regular version on ubunto. I'm loving 12.10, and getting used to it. should I go ahead make the change to "studio"? what is the big difference?

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    Re: ubunto 12.10 vs ubunto studio 12.10

    You could take standard Ubuntu and add these packages:

    tgalati4@Mint14-Extensa ~ $ apt-cache search ubuntu studio
    plymouth-theme-ubuntustudio - Ubuntu Studio Plymouth theme
    ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntustudio - Ubiquity slideshow for Ubuntu Studio
    ubuntustudio-audio - Transitional Package for the Audio Seed
    ubuntustudio-audio-plugins - Ubuntu Studio audio plugins Package
    ubuntustudio-controls - Ubuntu Studio Controls is a small app that changes A/V settings.
    ubuntustudio-default-settings - default settings for the Ubuntu Studio desktop
    ubuntustudio-desktop - Ubuntu Studio Desktop Package
    ubuntustudio-font-meta - Ubuntu Studio fonts Package
    ubuntustudio-generation - Ubuntu Studio Audio Generation Package
    ubuntustudio-graphics - Ubuntu Studio graphics Package
    ubuntustudio-icon-theme - Ubuntu Studio Icon Theme
    ubuntustudio-lightdm-theme - UbuntuStudio LightDM theme
    ubuntustudio-live-settings - configuration for the Ubuntu Studio live-dvd
    ubuntustudio-look - Ubuntu Studio look
    ubuntustudio-menu - Menu for Ubuntu Studio
    ubuntustudio-photography - Ubuntu Studio Photography Package
    ubuntustudio-publishing - Ubuntu Studio Publishing Package
    ubuntustudio-recording - Ubuntu Studio Audio Recording Package
    ubuntustudio-screensaver - Ubuntu Studio screensaver
    ubuntustudio-sounds - Ubuntu Studio's GNOME audio theme
    ubuntustudio-video - Ubuntu Studio video Package
    ubuntustudio-wallpapers - Ubuntu Studio - Wallpapers

    And that would get you 99% of Ubuntu studio. I don't know if there are kernel tweaks (like smaller increment clock slices, or real-time kernel capability enabled). There is a subforum for Ubuntu Studio: Spend some time reading the forum posts so you get a feel for the differences. If you are serious about artistic creation, then you should simply install Ubuntu Studio. If you are a dabbler, then you can simply add the programs that you want to dabble with on standard Ubuntu. For instance if you want to dabble in digital photography, but don't care about music or publishing, then you could simply install the photography package:

    In a terminal:

    sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-photography
    That will pull in the following packages:

    tgalati4@Mint14-Extensa ~ $ apt-cache depends ubuntustudio-photography
    Depends: argyll
    Depends: darktable
    Depends: gimp
    Depends: gimp-data-extras
    Depends: gimp-gap
    Depends: gimp-plugin-registry
    Depends: gimp-resynthesizer
    Depends: gimp-ufraw
    Depends: gnome-color-manager
    Depends: icc-profiles-free
    Depends: phatch
    Depends: rapid-photo-downloader
    Depends: rawtherapee
    Conflicts: ubuntustudio-photography:i386
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    Re: ubunto 12.10 vs ubunto studio 12.10



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