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Thread: Using vbox to run pre-existing physical drive

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    Using vbox to run pre-existing physical drive

    Hello all. I'm new to all this.

    I have a new install of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on a new physical drive (sdb).

    I would like to use Linux for most of my tasks while only using VirtualBox to access the existing Win7 loaded onto a different physical drive (sda) without installing Win7 in VirtualBox. Win7 works fine in general and there is no need to tinker with it if un-necessary, except for the fact that I have no need or desire to let MicrosoftAnything connect to the Internet...

    Both are loaded into the same tower which holds a late-model MSI motherboard and Intel i7-3770k chipset with 32gb RAM. It also holds two SATA 1TB HDD units and some random LG optical device reader for spinning coasters.

    The only reason I'm using Win7 at all is due to the fact that I often need the full functionality of Nuance Dragon NatuarallySpeaking 12 Legal, for work and not only is it RAM intensive, but the fruity computer company which competes against the PC world doesn't have a box with enough juice, so I had a PC built instead.

    Looking through the GUI for vbox failed to produce a way to simply point the program at the hardware and pass GO to collect my $200.

    Is there a simple setting tweak, or do I have to install Win7 again?

    Thank you for your attention reading this message.
    No Dodo birds were harmed in the transmission or crafting of this posting.

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