I think I may have screwed up in my latest update of 12.04. I missed the request to restart during a two batch update and when I restarted after running both consecutively, my boot process hangs with a purple screen. If I attempt recovery mode, it hangs on a black screen post. I can boot fine into the previous version, which is 3.2.0-38 generic, which I'm using now. I've tried completely removing 3.2.0-39 kernel packages in synaptic, expecting after that I'd then automatically boot into 3.2. 0-38 and be able to run the update again, this time more carefully. But maybe I've not removed all I needed to in synaptic, as rebooting produces exactly the same situation as before. And when I run the update manager I'm told that I'm up to date. I've searched on how to re-run an update, but drawn a blank. I'd be very grateful for some assistance and enlightenment.