i have a kingston datatravaler 32gb. I got it a week ago so its brand new.

i partitioned 10.5gb to ext4 with 3.5gb swap. then installed ubuntu 12.10. it worked great. partitioned the other "half" the same way and tried to install fedora (which i havent used much) it said install failed. after that it said the half i partitioned for fedora was unallocated when using minitool partitioner. and the usb has gone read only. it mounted in ubuntu at first but now it wont mount (something about bad superblock).

i have tried: gparted, testdisk, disk utility, partitioners in windows 7.

I just want to wipe it clean and take back to default so i can try again (install fedora first this time, then ubuntu)

sorry for the choppy sentences but i really want some help. I am new to the forum as well.

p.s. i hate windows