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Thread: Borked Boot Sector After Installation Hung

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    Borked Boot Sector After Installation Hung

    I was trying to install Lubuntu from a CD which had the Lubuntu.iso burned to it.
    It hung at the part where it creates the boot image/mbr?
    Now my Windows OS boot sector is totally borked. Tried the Boot Repair CD (all options where tried). Tried an option in Test Disk to repair boot sector (Was in the System Repair CD), but no go. Can see Windows thru Super OS 11. Gparted sees the partition, but there's a warning/question icon. It doesn't show up in the Xubuntu grub menu at all (after hung install of Lubuntu I installed Xubuntu successfully).

    No WiFi right now, just slow 3G from phone. Can't respond except when low usage during off peak hours. Sometimes signal is strong enough to enable me to use Windows/Linux machine, but not very often.

    Any help greatly appreciated.
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