I have the idea, but no knowledge whatsoever of coding to pull it off.

Coming from a Mac I had no problem making timelapses using images taken by my Canon 60D at set intervals. In Quicktime you'd just go to File > Open Image Sequence and it click on the first image and they would compile into a movie instantly.

I have had zero luck finding something similar in the Linux world, the closest thing is to either use all kind of command-line fu with ffmpeg or to use a full-fledged editor like KDEnlive or something similar.

I'm looking for someone to code a very simple little app (GTK preferably) that when opened will ask you to select a folder, once you select the folder it will ask you what frames per second you want your movie to be (24fps, 25fps, 30fps or 60fps), ask you where you want to save the file, and then upon clicking OK it would just output a .mov or .avi of the images at the proper framerate in the motionjpeg codec (highest possible quality).

I'm sure for someone with coding knowledge this would be a very simple app to code...but I don't know the first thing and I've seen quite a few posts online where people are looking for similar software.

Any takers? Thanks!