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Thread: Upgrade ubuntu 10.10

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    Upgrade ubuntu 10.10

    I have Ubuntu 10.10 and this morning I went to play one of my online games and it wanted to update adobe, I went ahead and updated but the game says it still needs the upgrade. Also, about 2 years ago I tried to update to ubuntu 11 but I had errors on boot because of 'grub2' a video card problems I believe.
    So my question is, has this grub issue been fixed? can I upgrade my ubuntu up to the latest version?
    Will this fix my adobe?
    At the adobe download options, I selected the one for ubuntu and my software manager did the rest, however it installed, it didn't load the game.
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    Re: Upgrade ubuntu 10.10

    What video card.

    I have nVidia and have had to use nomodeset to get it to boot with liveCD or on first boot. But once nVidia drivers are installed I have had no issues.

    I aslo stayed with 10.10 to keep the gnome2 panels & menus rather than Unity. But you can install gnome-panel and it is almost the old gnome2. So I installed 12.04 with gnome-panel.
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    Re: Upgrade ubuntu 10.10

    I have no idea why I didn't think of this first. A awesome person at Majorgeeks suggested that I run the 'trial' of the latest version or which ever, before installing, so after smacking myself around some that is exactly what I will do. I seriously can't believe it.

    The thing is, Linux and Ubuntu have made me so relaxed, I don't have to mess around with it like I did with windows that I forget how to do things now. Though that has advantages, also has disadvantages - in the form of brain farts. Thanks anyway.....

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