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Thread: minecraft installer

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    Thumbs down minecraft installer

    minecraft install script that installs minecraft and needed libraries as user.

    ** Don't run as root **
    ** Backup all your files first **
    ** You have to run both scripts for this to work because lwjgl and java7 **

    All the files with this script are installed in use space including the java files

    * Installs Oracle Java7
    * Installs Minecraft Jar files
    * Crates and adds Unity icon
    * Updates the lwjgl files for java7

    3 steps to install ( ** backup your minecraft files first ** )

    1) Run mc_install ( don't use root )
    2) Open minecraft (it will but searchable in unity ) and login and let it sync the files needed to run minecraft. Once this is done you'll notice that you get a black screen. Just close minecraft run the last script.
    3) Run mc_install_lwjgl_update

    If you wish to uninstall this just delete the following

    just remove the following files and folders

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    Wink Re: minecraft installer

    Fixed and updated installer to use the latest Java 7 update 17
    Script is now just one file.
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