First of all, I read all the descriptions of the forums and can't find one specific to arm. For some reason, the search feature isn't working. Hence apologies in advance.

I have a Beagleboard XM. The hardware has a bug as documented below:
I suppose you are saying "Why not contact the author." Well the author's attitude is "figure it out." Basically useless.

I have Ubuntu 12.10 running on the board and eventually the board locks up. I would like to patch the kernel, but like I said, the instructions are not very good.


That would be help with the patch or a more appropriate place to post. Incidentally, don't buy the Beagleboard XM if you want to experiment with Arm. The Pandaboard has better support and from what I can tell doesn't have this bug. Beagle and Liquidware (board vendor) are basically useless. They got paid, and that is all that matters. Beagle is willing to swap the board for an identical screwed up board.