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Thread: Automate Math worksheet in LibreOffice Calc

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    Automate Math worksheet in LibreOffice Calc

    Does anyone know how I could do the following in LibreOffice Calc:

    Cell A2 contains the value: 2+3
    Cell A3 should contain the student/users answer, in this case: 5
    Cell A4 gives a red X for wrong or a green check for correct

    Without having it process =2+3 how can I have LibreOffice Calc convert a string 2+3 to process it like =2+3 ?

    If I have to do it manually that's ok, I thought I could automate it.
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    Re: Automate Math worksheet in LibreOffice Calc

    You could do it the other way around, I think i.e.

    - create a cell to evaluate the answer =2+3

    - use the FORMULA() function to return the text formula (literally =2+3) into A2

    You can trim the = off the front e.g. with the MID string function i.e. if A1 contains your actual =2+3 formula, then


    inserts literal string 2+3


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