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I think this sums it up as far as all the bad press-

'If you’ve done what you want for Ubuntu, then move on. That’s normal – there’s no need to poison the well behind you just because you want to try something else.'

We can see Mr. Shutleworths frustrations rise up here. After all, in all fairness, is it not he who is actually the work-horse that is doing all the heavy lifting?
I've been involved one way or the other with FOSS for over 15 years, and it has always bothered me the way the egos clash, and the venom spews. I totally understand Mark's frustrations. He has a certain goal of quality and coherence that he wants to achieve, and if upstream can't/won't accomodate this in a timeframe that he finds acceptable, he'll have Canonical take it on. If anyone doesn't like that, well, fine. But the backbiting and conspiracy theories just make the FOSS community look like a bunch of whiny whiners [full disclosure: I must admit I have been one of them at times (cough*Unity*cough) ]

The other thing that really gets my goat is the sense of entitlement some people seem to feel. Yes, a lot of us have put in a lot of volunteer time over the years, and one would like to know what's going on. But at the end of the day, we are getting an awful lot of excellent free software to work with and play with. Mark has always pointed out that there's "the community" and there's "leadership". If you want to achieve a certain goal on a certain timeline, you need leadership, and can't dither around trying to assuage everyone's feelings. That's just the nature of the beast, and yes, for sure it feels suckful sometimes. Hey, there's always Debian!

But some of the idiotic stuff that people have be spouting about Ubuntu, Canonical, and Mark really makes me sick. Half of it is because Ubuntu is popular and successful, and the FOSS community can't stand it. I've seen this again and again in the FOSS world - something becomes successful, tear it down! One of the constant cries I've heard down the years when people don't like a change is "they're forcing it down our throat". No, they're not. They made a change. Don't like it? There are umpty-jillion alternatives.

This is turning into a rant that I didn't intend, so... </rant>