So I created all of the partitions on my laptop and had it dual booting nicely. About two days ago, lubuntu wanted to load only on CLI and while I was trying to fix this I broke something and it did not want to let me log in graphically. So while trying to reinstall Lubuntu I accidentally told it to use the whole hard drive. I had to recreate all of the partitions again but for some reason Grub was not able to load windows. It just kept going back to the grub menu when you selected Windows 7.

Here's my partition setup: 50GGB hard drive
*150GB Primary partition for Windows
*36GB Logical partition for Lubuntu
*4GB Logical partition for Swap for Lubuntu
*275GB (More or less) Logical Partition for Storage.

I'm going to try installing lubuntu again on it but I don't want to have that problem again. I think I might have installed grub on the windows partition instead of the small (100MB) partition that windows creates. Would that cause any problems? Any help will be greatly appreciated.