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Thread: Magnificent March Screenshot Thread

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    Re: Magnificent March Screenshot Thread

    The ubuntu-wallpapers-raring package has just landed in testing, I think I've found myself a raring ringtail

    Also for anyone that uses Omploader as their image host I've hacked together a quick script to make posting images to the forums easier. It takes an image file as an argument, then uploads it to Omploader and returns the BB code needed for a quick copy and paste into a forum reply, for example...
    rob@raring:~ omp screenshot.png 
    Feel free to use it if you want, just extract the files into your ~/bin directory and you should be ready to go. You'll need to install Ruby if you don't have it already, as the ompload script I call (written by the Omploader devs) has it as a dependency.
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