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Thread: Creating a bootable ISO image for VirtualBox

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    Creating a bootable ISO image for VirtualBox

    I want to install Windows XP on my VirtualBox and have done that before without issues.

    Problem is, my CD-ROM drive has started acting up an it can barely read any CDs I have. Installing from the original WinXp CD turned out to be impossible. I have copied the contents of it years ago and have them on my hard drive now. However, if I create an ISO out of those with Brasero or Acetone, VirtualBox complains that ISO is not bootable and does not install it.

    Is there any way I could make the said ISO image into a bootable one?
    I tried ISO master but it seems it needs to access the original CD for that.

    Also, what would be a good way to make another backup copy from my WinXP disk, this time into a properly bootable ISO?

    The CD I have is legal, I have the product key as well. Just need to get it into my virtual machine somehow.

    Any solutions to this would be helpful.

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    Re: Creating a bootable ISO image for VirtualBox

    Thread moved to the other Other OS/Distro talk forum.


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