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I meant portable Openshot similar to apps in portableapps.
I have never seen any Linux portable apps at all. There are two immediate issues I see with even trying that:

1) Applications like Openshot use so very many system libraries that bundling them all together may be a tumultuous affair. We're talking about packing a boatload of GTK libraries (I know, I know, this is common for GTK windows portable apps like Pidgin, GIMP, etc.) plus the codecs. I suppose anyone could check all of the dependencies and give it a shot. Me? I'd rather just install it. :^)

2) Anything on a USB drive will likely need to be made executable manually, wouldn't it?

When using a portable app, I suppose the main advantage is that you can use it on varying systems. This usually means that your portable apps ought to be Windows applications. If you are using it on known systems that have Linux installed, you may just have to install it.

Of course, you could install Openshot and then make a bootable USB drive out of your whole OS, and have a portable Ubuntu with Openshot installed already.