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    Re: nice forum look

    Quote Originally Posted by prodigy_ View Post
    And why is fine print everywhere?

    The old version was easier on the eyes.
    Gotta say, I agree with this. Very fiddly looking. I'm normally the kind of person that embraces change, but this new theme is definitely harder to read than the old one. If you use browser zoom to increase the font to a sensible size you end up with tunsa white space.

    The default setting of the user profile bar above the post is orrible. It wastes heaps of space and results in line lengths that are waaaay too long for easy reading. There's a reason newspapers format for columns of 6-8 words, and books only use about double that. Screens have much lower resolution than print, so having longer line lengths isn't good for readability. Profile on the left results in much more readable posts.

    I also don't like the shade of orange used for thread titles. I find scanning the headlines of a forum quite tough on the eyes. I do wear glasses and have a very mild colour deficiency so maybe it's just me, but I don't think there's enough contrast and clarity between the background and titles. Orange on beige is hard to read IMO.

    Sorry to whoever put a lot of work into this theme, but I really find it more difficult to use than the previous one.
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