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It seems that you paid very close attention to your dance teacher's Linux experiences.
He used that laptop in dance class to play music from so he could slow the music down while teaching a routine and gradually speed it up until we could all do it full speed. I thought it was all dark and sinister looking but it had a funny name - Crunchbang Linux.

That's when I learned that there are many different Linux OSes to choose from. He had "Robin's Remix" on the computer at the dance school, which was a really simple Windows-98-looking desktop. I learned from that, that you can make your own Linux OS just the way you want it.

All I did was ask. Robin loved to share his own journey with others, whether it was dance, or computer stuff, choral singing, or his love of his religion. He was passionate about everything he did, and it was just contagious. There are at least a dozen new Linux users from his dance class, and how many more from his church and college classmates he turned on to Linux. Every one of us shared his "adventures in Linux." You couldn't help it.