Hi, all.

I've been using Ubuntu for a few years now, but unfortunately my understanding and knowledge has not increased much since when I started. Part of this lack of learning is a general ignorance on my part of computing in general. I rely solely on these forums and Googling for fixing my computer issues, and since these issues are often separated in time and topic, I don't pick up much of the how and why of things.

I would really like to change this, as I am getting kind sick of the frustration of not knowing how to fix issues when they arise because I have no knowledge base to even diagnose what is going wrong.

Thus my thread. I'm hoping some of you may be able to point me in the direction of some material to help me learn a bit about computing, specifically in regards to Linux. To give you an idea of my knowledge level at the moment:

- I know boot and GRUB have to do with the computer starting and booting up, that's it.
- I know a computer has internal and external IP addresses, and they can be static or dynamic, but I have to Google how to look up my IP address every time I need it for something.
- I know how to copy and paste a command into the terminal, but if you asked me to start a program with it, no can do.

I'd really love to be a more knowledgeable computer user, in part because I'd love to continue using Linux, but it really gets frustrating when I go to the 'Absolute Beginners Talk' forum and I don't even have the know-how to answer some of the posters' questions trying to diagnose my issues. If any of you know of good resources (books, websites, free online courses) for getting a better understanding of computing and Linux usage, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.