I was suffering from a dull Wednesday night until the Windows Technical Team called me from California to tell me that my computer had been infected by malware and they detected unusual traffic. She so thoughtfully called me to fix my computer for me. Goodie, scammers to mess with

I laid on the couch and pretended to follow her directions. She told me to push the windows key and "R". (That would open a run box). Then she wanted me to type "eventvwr" (which would open the event viewer) Apparently I didn't respond fast enough, or she heard me stifling giggles because she hung up on me.

She called from 253-802-0308, which is in Auburn, Washington.

I think we could probably have some fun with that.

Anyway it appears that they didn't even bother to invent a new scam.


I'm devastated that I didn't get the url, then we really could have had some fun.