I'm presently thinking of moving from Windows to Linux on my main workstation.
My main use of this computer is software development ( C/C++ and Java), Blender/Gimp, LibreOffice and of course all that the Internet has to offer

I know that Blender/Gimp and C/C++ aren't a problem and neither is LibreOffice or the various internet utility, quite the opposite in fact. But I have some question concerning Java and IDE.

1- How easy is it to install the latest JDK? I know that Oracle offer a rpm for it but how does this translate to Kubuntu?
2- Same question, but this time about Ecipse (Juno)...
3- How easy is it to install the latest JavaFX or other Frameworks?
4- Beside Eclipse are there any other IDE, not a code editor only, that you recommend, possibly one that could be use for both Java and C/C++?

Thanks in advance to those who reply to this post.