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Thread: how to make a bootable cd/usb from already installed wubi

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    Lightbulb how to make a bootable cd/usb from already installed wubi


    i am a lil bit beginner to the ubuntu and using ubuntu 10.04( my computer cant handle ubuntu 12 i tried and btw didnt even used 11 ) and as all first ubuntu users i came accross the that "making you insane!" grub problem i tried to replace files from c:/wubildr with mine existed one but didnt solved the problem i also tried to boot from grub by using commands

    grub> insmod ntfs
    grub>set root=(hd0,5) # its on the d: partion
    grub>ls $Boot


    it didnt woked eighter when i try

    grub>loopback loop0 /ubuntu/disks/root.disk

    it gave me "file label not found" error so in the end i hated myself to not being able to do this stuff and i deceided to
    make a bootable cd or usb drive from mine already installed wubi so my question is ,is it posible or i really have to download from internet (i got less than 100kbps net connection) and apoligize for my bad behaivor or bad language also english is not my main language

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