I am quite new to ubuntu. I have used it a few times inthe past but I wanted to set up a media server and the ubuntu server is meant to be the best, fastest and most universal of all the OS's I've looked at.

So I took an old PC that wasn't being used, removed the HDD as the person I got it from wanted to keep it just encase their PC died, I could put the HDD back in and give them the computer back. Not a perfect situation but the best I can do atm. So I added a free-standing HDD with some media files on (2 partitions, 1 empty) into this HP Paviliion m1070 computer. When I attempt to install from the Ubuntu Server 12.04.2 LTS CD I burnt, I get nothing, a complete blank screen. I have to use the secondary drive (DVD-ROM) as the primary disc drive is broken and can't open, so I unplugged it.

However even when I go into the boot menu of the mobo and select the DVD-ROM drive the screen comes up blank. I checked the CD on my main and it boots into the install, so I have no idea why it won't on the old computer. Could it be because the VGA monitor cable is plugged into the GPU (as the mobo doesn't have a monitor port)?

Thanks for any help,