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Thread: 12.10, separate drive to Win 7 - manual partitioning, feedback please

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    12.10, separate drive to Win 7 - manual partitioning, feedback please


    I've googled and read, and then again, and again, and as a newcomer to partitioning am going to take the plunge and install Ubuntu 12.10 by partitioning manually during install.

    [12.10 doesn't seem to allow an automatic (minimum of questions asked) install onto a separate drive in a dual-drive machine - the automatic setting worked well for me with 8.04 and 10.04, after selecting which drive of multiple drives I wanted it to be installed to, but in 12.10 I don't get this option. The Ubuntu installer detects Win 7 on the computer, asks if I want to install Ubuntu alongside it, I say Yes and click next, then it gives option to 'Select drive', but when I click on the down arrow to select a specific drive the only drive selectable is the one with Win 7 on it. I know the installer can recognise multiple drives because when you go into "advanced partitioning" it displays all 3 drives. So I am hoping I can do the partitioning for the first time.]

    Please let me know what you think of the following, from what I've read:

    Drives: there's a 2TB drive listed as dev/sdc, then dev/sdc1 listed as 'Windows boot loader', and then dev/sdc2. The 2TB Windows drive was put in the computer first and the 1.5 TB drive for Ubuntu was added later (it's listed as dev/sda). See the attached screenshot. There's a 500Gb drive also (possibly will use at times fof shared storage). In Windows disk management the 2TB drive is listed as disk0, then the 500Gb one as disk1, and the 1.5TB one as disk2.

    I am planning to have mount points for root and home, and would allocate 10-30 Gb for /root (though I prob'ly won't end up installing anything like that much in programs), and all the rest of the disk given over to /home except for the swap area.
    Both /root and /home will be primary, and located at 'beginning', and file system ext4.

    Q: Does that all sound like settings that will end up in a successful install?

    I will tell it to put the boot loader on dev/sda [the Ubuntu drive]. (And I'll adjust drive boot order in BIOS.)

    Q: swap area: I have 4Gb RAM - should I give 4Gb or 8Gb to swap area?
    Q: Should swap area be located at 'beginning' or 'end' of its partition? Swap area will be 'logical'.
    Q: Should shared 500Gb storage drive be ntfs or FAT32?

    (I assume that if I use the “Do something else” option, [where you can choose a drive to install on and a device for the boot loader] but ignore the “new partition table” button, that it will not complete a successful installation by itself, that you have to deal with swap area, mount point etc manually.)

    Thanks for your time ,

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    Re: 12.10, separate drive to Win 7 - manual partitioning, feedback please

    Yeah, in Do something else you have to do everything manually, but that gives you more control and it's the only way to install with separate /home.

    If sda is brand new you will have to create new partition table first because it has none, that's why it doesn't show any freespace for it (in linux free space means unallocated space not belonging to any partition).

    Your idea is OK. Put the root partition at front, then the /home partition and then the swap. The swap size needs to be 1.5 x RAM if you use hibernate, if not the 4GB is OK. For hibernate it has to be bigger than the RAM.

    The bootloader will go to /dev/sda and you will control in BIOS where you boot from first.

    During the partition creation you will choose the filesystem (ext4 or swap area), and for the ext4 partition the mount point / or /home. That's it.
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    Re: 12.10, separate drive to Win 7 - manual partitioning, feedback please

    Thank you very much darkod for your reply/confirmation/tips.

    Installation to separate drive went great - no problems, great to be using 12.10.

    Thank you!

    - Dave

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