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Thread: Software-updater doesn't ask me for root password

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    Question Software-updater doesn't ask me for root password

    When I get a prompt to install new updates, it usually doesn't want any password: when I click "Install", it automatically tries to download and install them. this often happens for security updates.
    why ubuntu doesn't ask me for my root password? Is this safe?

    My Ubuntu: 12.10 (updated)

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    Re: Software-updater doesn't ask me for root password


    It was changed one or two releases ago. The reason is that asking for a password might keep some users away from installing.

    Only when a new kernel is offered one has to give the password. A new kernel is a more fundamental change to the system and is not considered a normal update.

    You might notice that sudo apt-get upgrade does not apply a new kernel, but sudo apt-get dist-upgrade does. It's the same distinction.
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