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Hi friends,
I own a Dell Inspiron 14 inch laptop with 1GB ATI Radeon 5xxx series graphic card.

I want to buy a new laptop and I have certain queries regarding graphic cards.
I don't play games(puzzles only) and don't do video editing. Mostly I do development work (android development, web development), access internet, watch movies, songs and normal stuffs.

Recently I found issue with Kubuntu 12.04 that if I don't install graphics driver my system gets heated up, it was no big deal and I installed ATI driver by this tutorial.
Again when I tried to use same method in 12.10 I faced lot of issues, so right now I am using 12.04.2 only.

This made me think, whether I really need a graphic card or not? Till now the laptops I am considering are:
Lenovo IdeaPad Z580 and Dell XPS. (I really like Lenovo one, it is pretty powerful)
Lenovo is supplied with Integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000s and Dell XPS is with some NVidia card (I heard that Nvidia doesn't support graphcis on linux very well).

Also what is the difference between two graphics cards I mentioned above? Are they just two graphics card from different vendors, or there is something more difference?
The graphics on them are totally different, Intel having an integrated chip in the CPU for graphics, and NVIDIA making a separate chip for graphics. The Intel one is much slower and makes the CPU heat up more, causing more load. The NVIDIA one, however, most probably has a faster clock and more cores, as well as not heating up as much. By the way, NVIDIA graphics cards work perfectly fine with linux, I have had a NVIDIA GeForce MX 2, GeForce 7600 GT, GeForce 560M, GeForce 550 TI, and a Quadro 2000 all work perfectly fine on Linux. I agree that if you don't really need to take the computer around much, then I would stick to a desktop or build.