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Thread: trying to get wget to act like flashgot

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    trying to get wget to act like flashgot

    I have used Flashgot on Firefox to get a list of torrents from different pages, i.e. eztv. I am trying to do this with wget, so that each day it would run and automatically download the days torrents, which would then be fed to my torrent client.
    I haven't seen a way to call flashgot from the command line so I've been trying wget.
    thus far,
    wget only gets me the index file
    wget -k no change
    wget --level=1 no change
    wget -r and wget -m
    seem to download the entire website but not the torrent links. I cancelled that operation as I figure the admin would be very unhappy
    wget -k -H still only the index file

    finally I ran with --debug and I got a bunch of stuff but this stood out

    Skipping at position 173178.

    not entirely sure what I need to do at this point. Ideally I would just look at what Flashgot does, and use that as it uses wget. but I am not able to read that fast as it zooms but, I can scroll up, and the people of the internets dont seem to have much on it either. Thanks for any assistance
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