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Thread: 13.04 install help

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    Re: 13.04 install help

    Quote Originally Posted by grahammechanical View Post
    It is one of the reasons why I start each development cycle with a fresh install. This present install of Raring has about 15 kernels. I am too lazy to clear them out. This is why I like Grub 2.0. It hides all those kernels in that sub-menu.
    Isn't re-install too steep price to pay just for cleaning kernels which could be purged just by... see below...
    Quote Originally Posted by ft_ View Post
    autoremove now clears the <= #-2 installed kernels...
    Yeap, but it has to be started to do that...
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    Re: 13.04 install help

    Marking ths as solved and fyi 12.04.2 is on grub 2

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