Hi all I'm thinking about testing Ubuntu 13.04 on my laptop currently I'm dual booting windows and and Ubuntu 12.04.2LTS (laptop didn't come installed with windows 8) and I was wondering how would I go to as installing 13.04 on a desperate patrician (I've never installed Ubuntu I started with wubi and just create the oartician and let the wubi move zip do the rest to make it a real patrician) so how would I got to doing this without messing up my other installs these laptop needs to stay fictional at all times (use it for work) but that should be a problem because if need to I can just boot into my other 2 working installs right? Also can I install 13.04 without updating the grub because the one I have know has always been reliable and I dont want to go on a unreliable 13.04 grub unless of course its the same grub lol anyway would the 13.04 work under the 12.04 grub? Thank you in advance I can't wait to test and get some feedback going to the devolopers. And by the way I have a 64 bit system and also how would I boot into 13.04 with nomodeset? Because that's the only way I could get into 12.04