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Thread: Ringtail 13.04 refuses to install

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    Ringtail 13.04 refuses to install

    i386 build refuses to install using daily build for today 26 Feb 13
    /usr/share/p15/debconf has problem at line 7
    and repeats over varied different all having problems on line 7 or 8
    it ends with chroot can't execute 'usr/sbin/locate -gen input output error

    I can supply the rest of the lines but it seems to halt each time.
    The first screen, I choose english and have a choice of options- nothing seems to help.
    Any ideas

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    Re: Ringtail 13.04 refuses to install

    wait for the next built

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    Re: Ringtail 13.04 refuses to install

    When it is booting up hold the shift key down, choose english and then press F6. Choose options nomodeset and no acpi, then continue from there.


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