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Thread: sql statement(s) for evolution

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    sql statement(s) for evolution

    I am looking for any help to view my (raw) evolution mail with a sql statement or with the sqliteman.
    First, I am very disappointed MY mail has gone into some sql database, but I am afrait nobody cares.
    I realy want to view some mail in raw format before opening it, ans sometimes afterwords.
    Have been searching for some answers to this question, or maby some other solution, but none found.
    If there is some mail-gui like evolution which keeps the mail in bare readable format, I would be pleased to know.
    I like the way evolution handles the mail to send and recieve, to and from any destination or source, so I will remain working that way.
    Shure I dont want to make attachemants by hand these days. ( that was funny to do years ago.... )

    So any help to view my raw messages in evolution are very welcome. Also any advice for a mail-gui-client, storing the mail in the raw format, like the old days. In Mail or .mbox or whatever rawformat.
    I hate obfuscation ! which is a windows behaviour linux would stay miles away from.

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    Re: sql statement(s) for evolution

    No-one familiar using sql-command to view the databases of evolution?
    What database format is it using, my guess is sqlite3.
    But I only see the database layout, never the contents.


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