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Thread: "Make start up disk" GUI not working

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    Re: "Make start up disk" GUI not working

    Hi sudodus,
    I can't thank you enough. dd did actually the job exactly as you described, no question asked and problem solved.
    Considering my awkwardness using CLI I did hold the breath while it was working, luckily it didn't take long.
    I really learnt a lot along the way. Thanks again!
    Now I'm off to play with my new lubuntu !

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    Re: "Make start up disk" GUI not working

    You are welcome

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    Re: "Make start up disk" GUI not working

    Seems that I was having same problem.
    I downloaded Xubuntu 12.04
    Using Startup Disk Creator, I couldn't load the Xbuntu-.iso file in the first field (Source disk image .iso or CD).

    However that is what thought

    In fact I could choose in this field for the xbuntu-iso.
    But I did not see this xbuntu-iso,
    as the field seemed to only show the ubuntu.iso.
    But when I hovered at the end of the field, suddenly there appeared a small scroll bar.
    And scrolling down, resulted in seeing the Xbuntu-.iso file!!
    Which could be selected

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