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Thread: 12.10, no power manager

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    12.10, no power manager

    As the title says, I am running xubuntu 12.10 and there is seemingly no way for me to adjust power settings, as it doesn't show up in settings.
    I can't suspend my laptop, I can't hibernate it, the battery indicator in the tool bar has disappeared, and I am growing very frustrated after hours of looking through forums because no one seems to have my exact issue. I have tried installing xfce4-powermanagement-interface and the likes (powermgmt-base and indicator-power as some posts suggest), but still I have no access to power settings.

    Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated

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    Re: 12.10, no power manager

    Unfortunately the power manager issue in xfce4 is a known bug that has existed since 12.04. It works for me intermittently but I've still not found a good solid solution. The two links above have all the best advice I've been able to find on the issue. I hope it helps.
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